T4 Art

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WALT : accurately draw the shape of a bird, paint the bird using the correct colours, create a realistic background

Success Criteria
*My bird is life like

*my bird is presented in a way that shows its natural habitat

"This is my hawk".

T4 Written English

Narrative Writing

WALT: Write a made up story using many adjectives to make it more interesting for the reader.

Success Criteria: That the reader enjoys the story and provides feedback to me on how I can make improvements.

Term 3 - Written English

Instructional Writing

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WALT: To write instructions that are easy for the reader to follow.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I will know I have achieved this WALT when people can make popcorn correctly using my instructions.

T4 Maths- Multiplication

WALT: use maths equipment to show what a multiplication (times) equation looks like

Signs of Success
*I can say that x (times) means GROUPS OF or LOTS OF
*I can say how many lots of there are
*My equipment shows the correct number of groups
*I can skip count on the equipment to solve the problem
*I know that 3x5 looks different to 5x3 with equipment

"My blocks show 6 groups of 3 blocks (6x3)".

T4 Reading

WALT: Work out hard words in reading

Signs of Success:
*Look for chunks in the word that I know
*stretch out the sounds like bubble gum
*think about what would make sense there and start like that word

*make the beginning sound

"I am getting better at knowing all of the words. I stretch out the hard ones".

T4 PE Sprinting

WALT SPRINT- as part of athletics
Signs of Success
*Warm up your muscles
*Be ready with your age group
*At the start, come up to the start line hen you hear "Ready,  Set..."
*at "GO!" run as fast as you can
*Stay in your lane

When you sprint, you pull your leg back and don't put your foot over the line at the start.

T3 Integrated Tpoic

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I am making sure that the string is the same length before I attach it to the canopy of the parachute.

WALT make a parachute that delivers its' payload safely to the ground.
Signs of success
*the payload drops slowly
*the payload is not too heavy

*the canopy is large enough to support the weight

T3 Toy making

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My car has milk bottle lid wheels. They turn. The car body is made from an egg carton lid.

T2 Written Language

We are learning to …
Write a recount about a time we did something special with friends.
Criteria: I know I have done this when I . . .
- write my ideas in order
- have capitals at the beginnings of sentences and for proper names
- have full stops at the end of sentences
- record some beginning, middle and end sounds in unknown words
- use some describing words
- write how I felt about it and why

- proofread my work and make some corrections to words or punctuation.

Next steps: Only one line under an estimation.
Tell me more details about the actual game that you played. 
Where was it played? Who scored the goals?

T2 Numeracy

We are learning to use a split strategy to solve addition problems.

It is easy to do it this way because you can work with the tens and then the ones.

T2 Reading

We are learning to skim read a text to find specific information and summarise it in our own words.

T2 Physical Education

Learning intentionWe are learning to send and receive objects consistently

Success CriteriaI can successfully catch when I
Move in line with the ball
Stretch arms and hands to meet the ball
Cushion and absorb the ball
Explain what I am trying to do when playing Target Bounce 

 Traffic Lights

 Catch It

 Target Bounce


T1 Statistics

Next Steps:
Collect data of something of your own choice and make it into a bar graph.

T1 Football Coaching

We were very lucky to get some football coaching from Sport Canterbury.
The girls learnt soccer from a female coach and the boys from a male coach.
We learnt to control the ball by playing games like Break the ice, Get in the hoop and Rob the nest.
Then we played a game of four a-side without a goalkeeper.

T1 Writing

We are learning to...
  •  write a personal recount about something we have done or experienced
  • have an opening statement that tells who what and when
  • write the events in the order they happened
  • have a conclusion or personal response


In the weekend I watched the rugby. It was an exciting match to me when we got to 7 - 5 but the Cheetahs got 2 tries which made the score 14-7. The Crusaders were losing but it wasn't the end of the match. In the second half of the match we scored 8 tries. At the end of the match the score was 57-14. The Crusaders won. I felt happy because I like it when the Crusaders win.

Teacher comment:
You have written a good recount with a beginning, middle and end.
Perhaps you may have written some more details about the match like who scored the tries and did all of the goals go over?

2015 Learning plan

We Are Learning To…
Fill in a Lotus sheet so that others can learn a little about ourselves.

We had to draw people so that they were not stick figures and our drawings had to be coloured carefully.

T1 2015 - Art with Mr Shaskey

We are learning to follow instructions to draw a sketch of a person, and place the features correctly on the face.


Student voice: