T4 Art

Easy Blog Photo

WALT : accurately draw the shape of a bird, paint the bird using the correct colours, create a realistic background

Success Criteria
*My bird is life like

*my bird is presented in a way that shows its natural habitat

"This is my hawk".

T4 Written English

Narrative Writing

WALT: Write a made up story using many adjectives to make it more interesting for the reader.

Success Criteria: That the reader enjoys the story and provides feedback to me on how I can make improvements.

Term 3 - Written English

Instructional Writing

Easy Blog Photo

WALT: To write instructions that are easy for the reader to follow.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I will know I have achieved this WALT when people can make popcorn correctly using my instructions.

T4 Maths- Multiplication

WALT: use maths equipment to show what a multiplication (times) equation looks like

Signs of Success
*I can say that x (times) means GROUPS OF or LOTS OF
*I can say how many lots of there are
*My equipment shows the correct number of groups
*I can skip count on the equipment to solve the problem
*I know that 3x5 looks different to 5x3 with equipment

"My blocks show 6 groups of 3 blocks (6x3)".

T4 Reading

WALT: Work out hard words in reading

Signs of Success:
*Look for chunks in the word that I know
*stretch out the sounds like bubble gum
*think about what would make sense there and start like that word

*make the beginning sound

"I am getting better at knowing all of the words. I stretch out the hard ones".

T4 PE Sprinting

WALT SPRINT- as part of athletics
Signs of Success
*Warm up your muscles
*Be ready with your age group
*At the start, come up to the start line hen you hear "Ready,  Set..."
*at "GO!" run as fast as you can
*Stay in your lane

When you sprint, you pull your leg back and don't put your foot over the line at the start.