Term 4 CARE

Term 4 Dance


  • Move in time to the music.
  • Follow a series of movements.


  • Can move in time to the music.
  • Can follow a series of movements.
  • Have fun!


  • We are doing a great job of following the moves and making them big for everyone to see.
  • Perform in front of an audience.

Term 4 Music

  • Use language such as beat, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch and volume
  • Keep in time to music
  • Can explain one or more of the terms beat, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch and/or volume
  • Can use an instrument in time to music

Term 4 Writing

  • I am learning to respect my reader by writing as neat as I can and trying to write all of my own words!
  • I will have tried to write my neatest!
  • I will have tried to write every word by using the sounds I can hear, the words and chunks of words I know and by finding words around the room!

  • After each writing session Harrison had a feedback session in which his writing was evaluated, he was then asked to score his writing according to his goal, 1 being he did not do his goal at all, 5 being that he achieved his goal. He was then asked what his next step would be to either get a 5 or get another 5. After scoring a 5 5 times Harrison was asked to pick a new goal.
  • "My new goal should be capitals in the right place!"
  • Harrison's attitude to his writing has improved greatly, he is quick to start and engaged until he is finished. Fantastic work Harrison, I look forward to seeing how you do on your next goal.

Term 3 Mihi

In Room 14 we start each day by saying our personal Mihi. We do this to learn about and incorporate Maori culture into our classroom.

Success Criteria:
  • Can introduce myself
  • Can introduce my Mother, Father, and Teacher
  • Can say where we come from

Next Step:
  • To introduce my school, principal, a friend and say my age

Term 3 Gymnastics

In term 3 we were learning to jump and roll in gymnastics.

Success Criteria:

  • Can perform two different kinds of rolls correctly (pencil and hedgehog).

Next Step:

  • To learn more advanced rolls like the elephant and circle roll.

Student Voice:

  • "Pencil roll was easy but the circle roll and elephant roll are hard"

Term 3 Reading

WALT: Use the beginning, end and chunks of words to figure out difficult words

I can...
  • Read with an interesting voice
  • Read my fast words
  • Use the beginning letter to figure out a word
I will...
  •  Use the end and chunks of words to figure out a word

Term 2 Writing Sample

Term 2 Topic

We are learning to:
  • Express our understanding of change.
  • Explain how a plant changes

Success Criteria
  • I can express my understanding of change
  • I can sequencing how a seed changes into a plant
  • Use play dough or a pen to create a picture for what change means
  • I can order a series of pictures into the correct order depicting the growth of a seed into a plant
At the beginning (before teaching)

  • Change is... giving change (money) back
In the middle (during teaching)

  • Change is... the seed turned into the tree
At the end (after teaching)
  • Change is...

Term 2 Writing

We are learning to:

  •  Spell some words correctly
  • Use approximations according to the initial sound

Success Criteria

  • I can spell some words correctly
  • I can write the first letters of some words

Next Step

  • I am attempting all of my own words using the sounds I can hear

Term 2 Statistics

We are learning to:
  •  Sort objects into categories for display
  • Make a display of the data collected (pictograph)
  • Make statements about data displays

Success Criteria
  • My data will be sorted and displayed in a pictograph
  • Make statements about my pictograph

      These are the things I said about my pictograph

  •       The elephants have the most
  •       The lady bugs have the least
  •       There are 3 cats

Term 1 Writing

We are learning to:
  •  draw a picture to help us think about the story we will write.
  •   say our story in a sentence.

Success Criteria
  • My picture will be detailed.
  •   I can tell my teacher my story.

Term 1 Visual Arts

We are learning to
  • create a self-portrait
  • talk about my own art work and art work created by others.

Success Criteria
  • I have drawn all my facial features like my eyes and mouth. All my facial features are the right size and shape and in the right place on my face.
  • I can reflect on the process I have used to create my self-portrait and discuss ideas about how I could make changes to my portrait to convey a different emotional response.